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How To Use


Step 1 – Flatten your cup

Flatten your menstrual cup as illustrated between your thumb and your other fingers to prepare for the fold (step 2).

Step 2 – Fold your cup

Once your menstrual cup is flattened, fold it in half with your other hand so that the rim makes a “C”. Hold the cup firmly with the hand you are the most comfortable with. The folded part should face toward the inside of your hand as illustrated. There are several ways to fold your cup, see video further down. Hold the cup firmly in its folded position and prepare for step 3.

Step 3 – Insert the cup

Once you inserted the rim of the menstrual cup, the cup will start unfolding itself inside the vagina. All you need to do is to push it slightly with your finger until the whole cup is inside including the stem. It shouldn’t sit too high, the bottom of your cup should be about half a finger away from the entry. Unlike a tampon, the cup is positioned in the lower part of vagina, but beyond the pelvic bone.

Step 4 – Rotate your cup

Spreading your legs, gently separate your labia with your free hand. Guide your folded cup rim first with the rounded end of the “U” shape facing you toward your vagina as illustrated. You can insert the cup while sitting, standing or squatting; spreading your legs will facilitate insertion.

Remove your cup

You can wear your cup safely up to 12 hours, if you have a heavy flow, you might want to empty it sooner. To remove the cup, first wash your hands in clean water and relax your muscles. Spreading your legs, gently separate your labia with your non-dominant hand. As if having a bowel movement, bear down lightly with your internal muscles. Doing so can help lower the cup, making it easier to grasp. Break the seal by squeezing the bottom part of the cup until you feel or hear the suction release. Now gently rock the cup from side to side while pulling down. Be sure not to pull it out by the stem alone, this will cause the contents to spill and may be uncomfortable. Always pull the cup out while pinching the ridged bottom of the cup. Tip the contents into the lavatory, the toilet, bathtub, in the nature, anywhere you see fit.

Rinse and Reuse

Wash the RefreshCup carefully in warm water and soap to clean it sufficiently before reinsertion. Use mild soap for washing (intimate soap is ideal). The cup should first be rinsed in cold water, so that menstrual blood does not stain the cup or make it develop an odor. When water is not available, it is okay to wipe the cup with toilet paper and/or a disinfecting wipe. You can give it a proper wash the next time.