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How it Start

I’ve always hated pads, I found them unhygienic, uncomfortable, highly unsexy, and the amount of waste they produce is just something I started feeling more and more conscious about. As for tampons, it was the only other alternative I could think of at the time. I couldn’t handle the ones without applicator because they are difficult to insert, so to increase my guilt, I only used the ones with plastic applicators…Then again it’s the same problem with the wrapping and plastic left behind. It just seemed crazy to me to throw away an applicator I was going to use for 3 seconds to put another product that I was going to keep 4hours.

Instinctively it felt wrong putting a bleached cotton thing inside of my body. I often could feel it, it caused me irritations and pain specially at the removal. The smell that goes along is not very pleasant either…I spare you the details, I think all tampons users out there can relate to what I’m saying here.

I wasn’t surprise to read later on about tampons, the TSS (toxic shock syndrome), the rayon fibers, the dioxin etc…I knew there’s gotta be a better and easier way to handle our menstrual flow!

When I first started using menstrual cups, I must admit, it was a bit challenging. I couldn’t understand out how it could hold like that by itself, how come I couldn’t feel it since it was bigger than a tampon, why it didn’t leak etc… No longer than a few days later I was convinced. I was so enthusiastic about it, I gave the sale speech to all my closest girlfriends encouraging them to get one to try it out!

It didn’t take me long to talk about it in my inner circle of friends and whoever wanted to hear about it. I got a bit surprised by the common “yak” reaction. What’s with the disgusted faces? It was mostly the idea of re-using that was the main issue. Once I explained more in details with pro and cons, attitude changed toward a curiosity to try it. The feedback was very rewarding, no one went back to tampons or pads, they all said they felt cleaner and that it made their periods a lot easier. As I talked about cups around me I realized it’s a very appealing product, how can a woman not be in interested in:

  • Being healthier
  • Preserving the environment,
  • Saving money,
  • Not having to worry about buying disposables every month.